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Building Relevant Generational Relationships


“To lovingly journey with others, who would like to succeed in healthy lifelong relationships. ”

L. Jean Reese's Living Your Legacy LLC -- a passionate mission to bring relationships together through further collaboration and research on current socio-cultural issues.

You Will Be On Zero

3 Tips for Effective Leaders in 2021

You may think you are starting off with a full tank of gas.

You are filled with bright ideas, some training, lots of energy and possibly youth; however, prayer will not hurt either! You probably feel, "I'm already a leader. How or why do I need to improve?" Did you know research has proven leaders are only one-third born but two-thirds made?

I believe in starting and finishing well. If you're a novice leader or aspiring top leader, it is a necessity to determine your leadership style, get familiar with the group of individuals you'll colaborate with, and lastly always remember that the best leader is a servant leader. But if you are unprepared, you'll be blindsided with energy totally expended, and your gas tank will be on ZERO fast!

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You Will Be On Zero by L Jean Reese


The Good, The Not-So-Good, The Indifferent

A compilation of true stories based on mother-daughter relationships, varying from good to indifferent.

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Mothers by L Jean Reese

Life Ain't Always What It Seems

Many baby boomers were the product of folk, who migrated to the West Coast from the South. I was born in Dallas Texas; however, my parents met in Los Angeles, where they got married. I was the first-born of their two children.

I can remember how much love I felt in this family God had placed me in. Three years later my brother was born. He cried so much and changed the atmosphere of our family. He later turned out to be such a blessing.

Neighbors and friends referred to me as Little Miss Jean. I heard they said I was an old soul, meaning I was more adult-like than most young girls. Though very lady-like naturally, I was not afraid of most situations and resilient. I was always independent as well.

$ 9.99

You Will Be On Zero by L Jean Reese

Launch Party for Life Ain't Always What It Seems

Songs and Discussion

Richard Granados

“Great points, Jean Modeling leadership is very important. When we are learning behavior, modeling brings a visualized quality of our leadership skills. The observers take into account many necessary entities that help make them successful leaders.”

Gen Z

“Having a leadership role without doubt can be hard. Mrs. Reese shows how you can turn the ugly into good. By holding yourself accountable and pushing through obstacles, not only can you refuel yourself, but the overflow can spread onto others.”

“God has to be the leader of all leaders in everything we do.

If you give him your heart, he will provide you the compassion to help others.”

-- Acquanetta Warren, Mayor of Fontana, CA

L. Jean Reese

Meet L. Jean Reese

Jean is available as a key-note speaker, moderator, and facilitator for Family Annual Events, Women's Clubs, Black History events, Dramatic Reading for Children Events, Interdenominational Church Events and Community Fairs. Contact Jean for more information and to reserve your event dates!

L. Jean Reese's mission in life is to lovingly assist others who want to succeed or gain a better status in life. She founded a ten-year functional scholarship foundation for unmarried mothers of the ages 18-21, giving all profits to colleges to assist and encourage those diverse ladies to achieve a better life via education.

She currently holds several teaching credentials and three college degrees: Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, and Masters in Education with emphasis in Cultural Language and Diversity. She is a writing coach, speaker, and new author. She's also known as a gracious hostess of several events in their Southern California residence during annual festive seasons. Jean enjoys reading Biblical literature and personal development books. She shares wisdom with those who dare to change or improve their lives.

L. Jean Reese is the wife of 33 yrs to Pastor Emeritus James E. Reese. She is a blended family member. She's a stepmother of four lovely talented daughters, five gorgeous granddaughters, two beautiful and gifted great granddaughters and one brilliant, handsome great grandson.

As a pastor's wife, L. Jean founded a women's group called Women In Christ (WIC) -- sounded as in a wick from which the candlelight set upon a hill burns to draw others to Christ.